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Friday, July 28, 2006

somewhere over the rainbow..

time was passing by.
there were ups and there were downs.
more downs and things happening for the worse than ups.

while i was protected,
and heavily guarded,
my family and friends were in some serious trouble.

they were being traced.
the phone lines were tapped.
every move was on the record.
cameras and videos and audios of everyone i knew were being made and recorded.

my girls in Pakistan were being chased.
their calls were intercepted.
they were being followed.
there were many attempts of accidents.

it was complete madness the details of which i cannot get into.
dont want to.

to get a hold of the situation my fathers friend who was in the police in D.C.,
referred us to this guy,
whom we call "fish."

fish was from one of the intelligence agencies,
and he did everything in his power to protect my family and my friends.
he made a team of men and flew them down to pakistan,
especially to look after S and my brother M.

i was being taken from state to state.
trying to dodge every other week.
my condition was already bad.
i couldn't travel by air,
it gave me headaches and the doctors did tests to find out that there is some kind of a hole in my head,
which will now allow me to travel by air for a long long time.

things worsened with every passing day.

i asked S to come see me since i couldn't travel anymore.
i convinced her to apply for the U.S. visa again,
and she said okay and she applied for it.

the situation at my end was so bad that it had formed into a case,
and the "case" went in to the hands of the immigration people.
they read my last name and my familys last name,
linked us to al-qaeda,
and asked us to leave the country with immediate effect.

ever since 9/11 we had been expecting it,
but for it to happen at the time that it did was absolutely uncalled for.

my father a citizen of the United States for over 25 years was asked to leave the country,
along with his family,
and the home he had made for himself.

we packed up our life in suitcases in 3 days.
my father resigned.
i resigned.
( i was still officially an employee of my company i was working for even after the accident had happened. a few months after the accident, i was made the vice-president and a full time-partner of my architecture firm.)

my father decided that him and mum would go to South Africa where my taaya had a house,
and apparently my father had also bought a small house there a few years ago.
the problem was that i couldn't travel by air because of my problem.

a dream of mine,
which came up in a conversation as a joke that i want to travel the world by ship,
came true.
since there was no way i could have flown,
fish arranged for a little cruise for me.

it wasn't as luxurious as one would think,
but nonetheless,
i got on board.

so the plan was-
my parents would reach South Africa,
settle down.
and i would meet them in a couple of months.


i got on the ship with a doctor,
2 of fishs men,
2 captains,
and about 10-14 middle-aged to old men who had no families,
and all they did was travel.

my female childhood friend C got on board with me.
she said she didn't want me to live my dream all alone.

we started travelling.
things were okay for 10 days..
we were moving as planned.
i would get to South Africa in a month,
if not 3 weeks.

and then,
the day that dad said he would call the station and give me their contact number..
i never got the call.

i still remember that day.

when something is about to go wrong,
i always know.
i have this gift...
which can well enough be called a curse too.
i always always know when things are wrong.

that is the feeling i felt on the day of my accident.

my heart was sinking.

i knew something horrible had happened,
and dad was not calling..
and that didnot make the situation any better.
i called up every friend of mine,
and on everyones cell..
the voice call would come on.

after about 20 minutes...
there was news from the station.
fish called..

all my friends were shot dead at the spot...
my family..
every single person...

my parents had what seemed like an accident in South Africa..
they were rushed to the hospital.

it was a day that i would not want to remember.....
after every 15..
sometimes 20 minutes,
i was getting news of someone....

my friend C who was with me...
her boyfriend was shot too..

that was the extent of the loss..

in one day....
i lost my whole family and all my friends and their families.
my whole family.
my taaya and his family..
my grandparents...
my phophos..


my parents were still at the hospital,
fighting for their life..

but they.....
they only fought for one day...

my mother was always a darpokoo anyway...
and dad..
i think...
i think he just got tired of it all.

and just like that...
one by one..
they all left....
in a day...
without a warning.

and just like that..
out in the middle of nowhere...(literally)
i was supposed to deal with it.

and just like that...
5 days prior,
S had gotten her U.S. visa.

and isn't it ironic...don't you think?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god
ru telling facts.really.if they r,i m horrified.utterly hoorified

July 28, 2006 4:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im horrified too! I cant belive this happedn to you! For real?...ive been reading your blog for the past 3-4 days and have been leaving messages..bec worried...but shit this makes me terrified for yur life...
you are telling the truth? (and seriously as i askl this not making fun of whwtaver u might have been through) just horrified

July 28, 2006 5:02 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

p:s: i suck at typing and thinking fast at the same time...sorry. :)

July 28, 2006 5:21 AM

Anonymous S. said...

:) You are my sweetest little b. I'm so proud of you for writing out all this. So proud I cannot tell you. I thought I was supposed to be the writer around here- so all this is a great surprise. Your book might come out sooner than mine!:)

So proud of you for sharing all that. For letting it out. And.. I dont know. Everything.
Keep writing here. Youre doing a great job mashallah baby.

Love you:)

July 28, 2006 9:55 AM

Anonymous S. said...

P.S I wish you good luck in trying to convince our anonymous commentators that all this is true :)

I do have one thing to say to guys are reading all this in 3 days. Imagine living through this for 4 years and then some.
God bless!

July 28, 2006 9:59 AM

Blogger in2deep said...

yeah it's all true. all of it...unfortunately. i havent fabricated a single word. there are things i havent written down and shared because...i dont remember the details. and frankly so much has happened that i have forgotten.
but horrifying....yes it times still is.


July 28, 2006 4:35 PM


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