The Sound of Music.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

in the heat of the night.

during Ms stay with me,
i had started eating properly.
taking my 77 medicines 3 times a day.
i was sleeping okay.
i was resting.

S was writing to me every day.
i spoke to her on the phone a couple of times.
only a couple because i couldn't talk properly.

amongst everything else,
i was having problems with my speech too.

but things were okay.

i was heavily guarded,
and after a few days of being in the hospital i was moved to a private house.

before i move on with my story,
there are things i haven't told.
why i was shot,
and why the accident actually happened,
why i was being guarded.
i will tell you now.

when i was 14,
i had an accident and i was rushed to the hospital where my dad was practicing at the time.
while i was there,
there was another boy,
almost my age..was lying there,
bleeding heavily.

there was a doctor attending to him,
another was attending to me.
the way it is done in hospitals normally.

as fate would have it...
the boy passed away.

his injuries were serious..
there was too much blood loss...
the doctors did everything they could,
but it was his time to go...and he went.

12 years later...
that boys father tracked down my father,
and his family..
and made our lives a living hell.

his story?

this doctors son was favored at the hospital.
my son was lying on a bed next to his sons,
and the doctors didnot pay him any attention just because he was not a doctors son.
he was my only son and now he is dead.

his reason?

my father.

his idea of getting even?

i am going to take everything away from him.
i will take away his family.

only this time,
it would be the son at the receiving end...
not the father.

and that is exactly what he did.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am very very worried but also relieved to know you're in better spirits. I see pple at work ( i work at a hospital) everyday possibly in MUCH better condition than you and they all seem so pessimistic. You should be proud of yourself!!

July 27, 2006 3:55 AM


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