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Friday, February 10, 2006

there are oceans in between us..

i spoke to her last night on IM, and she has shopped and shopped and shopped and shopped and then shopped some more. i tried calling her too, but there were some robotic sounds in the background which made it impossible for her to hear me, so me moved back to IM.
she's coming back in 2 days. so yay!:)

so coming to the how it all started.
i went back to D.C. (thats where ive lived and grown up.) i left on valentines day, and she agreed to be my valentine:) we stayed in touch through email and IM, thinking that ofcourse it will fizzle out. i mean, who are we kidding here? long distance, email, chats, and that's it.
but we sure as hell were in for a roller coaster ride. after i went back, in one of the IM chats, she told me that she was falling in love with me after a couple of months of us chatting.
(when i was in Lahore, we never met. we didnt even speak on the phone.)
i was already a little in love with her, and mum and all my friends had noticed a change in me ever since i had returned. days went by, and.....i kept falling in love with her.
i dont know what it was, and what it is. it's just her.
just the way that she is.
i found it harder and harder to pass my day without her.

i came back and decided to finish my thesis, and started working on it.
she had finished her bachelors, and she found her first job.

we wrote to each other every single day.
spoke every single day.
i had to travel alot because of my thesis.

days kept passing by.
months kept passing by.

we had been together 6 months.

6 months.

the longest relationship we had both been in.
it was strange.
it was nice.
it was weird.
it was awkward.

it was love.

we havent met.
we havent spoken on the phone.
we havent seen each other.

we had each others words.
and we both fell in love.

it was a different kind of love.


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