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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

patient little purple bug!

i first saw her email address when i was visiting pakistan, in one of my cousins email forwards and loved it. there were hundreds of addresses, but that one struck me.
there was something about it.
i asked my cousin to add it on her IM list.
everyday id wait for it to logon.
i waited almost 2 weeks when one day my cousin shouted "your address is online!"
and i ran to the pc,
and the screen name had been changed from "patient little purple bug" to "SecretOceanOfCoralBlue."

*hands shaking*
*heartbeat so fast*

i knew i had to message with an open ended question, and not just a hello.
i might not get a reply to that.

i typed "why did you change your nick?" and pressed enter.
10 seconds later, i got a reply!


that was 4 years and 11 days ago.
she had turned 20,
i had turned 24,
2 months back.

she is 24,
and i am 28,
and we've been together since that day when i IM'ed her.

details of everything i will tell you in every post bit by bit.
cannot write it in one post because its 4 years i have to narate, and too much that happened every single day.

4 years friends, is a long long long time.


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