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Friday, July 14, 2006

the past re-lived...

the last time i wrote,
i had gotten to the part where i was married.

it was a disgrace to the whole ideology of holy matrimony.

which surprisingly enough,
ended with a little grace.

and a sigh of relief for both parties.

farah got married again.

which lessened my guilt to a great degree.

a chapter closed.

a new life began.

laala and i planned to meet that summer.
i wanted her to come to the U.S. and see my life there.
i wanted her to see and feel and live my life with me for a while,
before deciding anything.

before making a decision.

we lead different lives.

and saying it,
and knowing it.
and actually expriencing it,
are all different things.

that was the summer of 2004.
she applied for her U.S. visa,
and it got rejected.

that same summer..
i was working on a project in L.A.,
and i was sharing an apartment with a friend.

i am an architect by profession.
so i had to travel a lot.
different cities.
new sites.
new clients.

i had been in L.A. way too long,
and i just wanted to go back home.

since her visa was rejected,
we decided that i'll fly to lahore and see her.

while in L.A.,
2 weeks before i was going to see her..
i had an accident.

a car came and hit me..
and i was shot a couple of times.

why i was shot is another story.
another blog.
another day.


i was in a coma for a few days...

only to wake and find out that my whole left side of the body was paralyzed.
i could hardly move any part of my body.
and my left leg had to be amputated immediately.

a little too much information to take in at one time,
but that is how it was given it to me.

my life after the accident....
read the next blog in a few days.


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