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Friday, August 04, 2006

smelly delhi

i'm sitting in delhi right now.
arrived here in the afternoon for a complete checkup and some tests and the go-ahead from my doctor to start walking and very soon after that dancing on my new leg!

the moment you land in this country,
there is a strange smell.
v. strange.
it's nothing personal against any indian,
but seriously yaar these indians need to start cleaning up their country.
it's nothing personal.

so i got here at 3ish my time.
it was a fun trip with my doctor,
my brit physio therapist and 2 boys for security purposes.
for the most part we were discussing the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show which was shown on starworld last night.
if you guys didn't catch it,
you don't know what you missed.


(baby if you're reading this, iloveyou i promise:))

the ride to the hospital was long but thank God for some great music.

it was very great jee very great *shaking my head indian style*

got to the hospital and my doctor was very pleased to see me and my progress.
he ran some tests,
some results i got back other i will get later.
but the good news is that he said i'm good to walk.
so yay!:)

he spent 4 hours with me and taught me different ways of standing up,
putting my leg down,
learning to balance,
holding my stance...
little things which you people don't even realize while standing and walking and jumping around.

no need to feel bad all you people.
inshallah in a month or two i will be one of all you people too.

since the doctor did all the tests today,
all day tomorrow and day after i will be working with my new leg.
and when i come back on sunday,
i will be able to atleast balance myself.
even if i'm not perfect at standing up,
atleast i will be standing up on my own,
and on my own two feet.

so yay! again.:)
as from the sound of this post,
yes i'm happy.

little things make me happy.
the fashion show last night,
the very great music,
my good test results,
my adsense approval (i dont know how big of deal that is, but i'm still happy i got approved for it!),
the internet access in my room for an hour,
and now us boys will watch LOST.
(if you guys haven't watched the show, watch it. it's A MUST.)

oh and btw!
justins new song is very great jee very great *shaking my head indian style again*
everyone must listen.

i'm happy:)

and i don't have much time left now.
so i gatta go.

but when i am okay to get up and dance,
you know which song (amongst many many others) i'm going to dance to with my baby?

"Well i'm ready for ya
Come let me show ya
You want to groove im'a show you how to move
Come come" :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

justins new song is really good...ehhehhe!.Soon youll be up and doign the nasty on the dance floor!!!!! ehehheA!

August 04, 2006 4:51 AM

Anonymous S. said...

:D soo happy to read the blog! I just came here (its 9:17am now) because well, its one of the first things I do in the morning..and baby had written here! So happyy. So good to know youre doing great baby.
imissyou. I'll email you also, but this was a cute blog. Nothing like the ones you write. You might need to stop shakin your head so much though hahahha glad glad to hear that inshallah you'll be up and about really soon. And as ms anonymous says, up and doin the nasty on the dance floor ;)

Cant wait hun. I cant wait.

iloveyou and imissyou so much baby.

August 04, 2006 9:24 AM

Blogger in2deep said...

i sure will be doing the dirty and the nasty for sure! sooo much fun. LOVE dancing love love love!:)

August 06, 2006 12:10 AM


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