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Sunday, August 13, 2006

my firsts:)

my first word was "mum" (for mother and water both) which always created confusion in the house as to whether i need my mother or water. hahah

my first friend was an imaginery friend that i made; he had no name, i used to call him "yaar" :)

my first real friend, was eric.
i met him the first day we arrived in the U.S..
mum and dad were unpacking and settling things in the house and i was sitting outside and i saw him across the road staring at me.
he crossed the road and sat down with me without saying a word.
we became friends that day.
we were 4 then.
i lost him last year...along with everyone else..
(the answer of "how" if you haven't been following is in one of the few previous posts.)

my first day in school,
i made friends with all the girls in my grade.
when mum came to get me i refused to go home.
mum told me once the conversation went something like "its time to go home sweetie"
and i was going "no no no no.
"you go home.
" i want to stay here with my girls."

my first bike was a blue four-wheeler that dad got for me for my birthday which i loved.
i loved it.
i used to ride on it every single day,
and i used to wash it every single day with mums liquid detergents.
i had put it in a closet in the garage for my kids.
a part of my house caught fire last year and garage was one of them.
so i'm guessing that i've lost my bike too..amongst so many other things.

my first job was at a mcdonalds close to my house.
i worked there from 4pm-9pm.

my first pay-ckeck was $15.

my first purchase with my own money was a chocolate bar for mum.
she loved chocolate.
and a hair brush from the $ store for dad so when he leaves the house in a rush without brushing his hair,
there is a brush in the car for him

my first sharaarat in the house from what i recall was when i put shampoo in dads cereal for breakfast hahahah
he choked on his cereal,
and when he coughed little bubbles were coming out of his mouth.
and i was looking at him with my eyes wide open and my mouth wide open whispering to myself "dad is making bubbles"

my first sharaarat out of the house was when my friend zak and i used to enter our neighbors houses from their back doors,
open their fridge and steal their food and run out!

my first harsh punishment was when i had to write 200 times "i will never make bubbles in dads food again,"
100 times i had to write "i am sorry,"
and i was grounded which meant no cartoons.
no zak.
no eric.
no bike.
no icecream.
in bed at 7pm.

my first car was a camry.
i loved my car.
loved loved loved!
i washed it and polished it every sunday.

my first F was in Math in the 5th grade.

my first crush was my senior,

my first kiss was when i was 14,

my first date we went for ice-cream and then to the movies and kissed through most of it.

my first cigarrette was marlboro reds when i was 15.

my first drink was vodka straight up when i was 16.

my first drug was when i was 16.

my first dance with a girl was with my mother at a party in our house when i was 13:)

my first toy was an airplane that dad got for me from Orlando.

my first trip to disneyland was when i was 5.

my first summer in pakistan is this year.

my first day in college i hated it and didn't attend half of my classes.

my first time in a plane was when we moved to the U.S. i was 4.

my first lecture from mum was when i got an F in math.

my first lecture from dad was on prom night.

my first fight was with my friend eric and he punched me in the stomach and i fell.

my first slap and all the rest that followed came from mum.
the first came when she was daant ree me and as soon as she turned i took out my tongue,
and it was still out and i was making faces at her and she turned back and saw me.

my first jootaa from mum ofcourse,
came when i mixed some keechur in mums cake mix.
she baked it and served it to her friends at tea and when the cake tasted "different" i was called and asked and very innocently i told her and ran
mum threw the jootaa at me from behind,
but she missed me.
she always had a bad aim.

my first love,


Anonymous S. said...

I love it baby. I love love love love it!!
It was the sweetest thing and I cant believe in four years, when I know things like..well things I dont want to write here- I didnt know so many of those!

I loved it.
I loved how you ended it.
more than you know.

I promise :)

August 13, 2006 7:46 PM

Blogger the olive ream said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

August 14, 2006 11:00 PM

Blogger Ron Southern said...

Your firsts reads like one of those 100 things lists so many of us attempt. You may confident of your ability to keep writing, but yuo might consider putting a hyperlink into the sidebar that will lead to that firsts link. Just an idea, though. Rave on!

August 15, 2006 12:02 AM


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